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2008 May | HP Mini Note PC Blog

Monthly Archive for May, 2008

HP adds SuSE Linux Source ISO to HP2133 support page

It looks like HP have got around to publishing the ISO of the default HP2133 SuSE 10.1 installation on their driver/download page.…. have already got a discussion thread started on the subject, if you prefer to not be the first to experiment with it.

Retro gaming on the HP2133 mini-note

Now I’ve got Windows XP running on my mini-note, it’s time to have some fun with it. Tonight, I tried the latest release of a very popular arcade emulator for Microsoft Windows. I’m happy to report that many of the games I tested worked very well, with a 100% frame rate or at least a frame rate that was decent enough to play the game with various optimization settings (un-throttling, auto frame skip, no sound). The games I tried were mostly from the early 1980’s video-gaming arcades and if your old enough to be in the arcades in the 1980’s you’ll know very well what games I’m talking about.

To learn more about retro arcade gaming visit one of the popular web sites including:

Happy Gaming,  Chris.

Upgrading the HP2133 mini-note hard drive (with photos)

Upgrading the drive in the HP2133 mini-note is straight forward, as long as you have a steady hand and the right tools at your disposal. I took some photos of the internals of my mini-note during the upgrade from the 4gig SSD that comes with the base model, to a 120gig Western Digital drive. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you will need and the steps involved.

What you’ll need:

- A very small philips (crosshead) screwdriver
- A small torx head driver (or you can use a very small slotted screw driver)
- A pair of pliers
- A notebook SATA drive (i used a Western Digital Scorpio drive)

All the tools can be obtained from your local hardware store. I bought my hard drive from newegg.

How long will it take:

About 15-30 minutes (it took me about 20 minutes once I located the correct tools for the job).


- Remove the battery
- Remove the three philips screws located behind the battery
- Gently lift up the keyboard to access both the memory slot and the hard drive enclosure
- Position the keyboard where you can easily access the drive enclosure (I placed it at the front of the mini-note - see photos)
- Remove the two philips screws holding the drive enclosure (on the left hand side)
- Remove the torx head screw holding the drive enclosure (on the right hand side)
- Gently lift up the drive enclosure, and disconnect the SATA cable

- Unscrew the factory drive from the enclose and replace it with your new drive

(To complete this step you may need to carefully bend back several tabs on the drive enclosure, the 4 Gig SSD that comes with the base model is smaller than a regular note book SATA drive)

- Re-install the drive in the mini-note (I suggest you insert the torx head screw first, as I dropped it a couple of times in to the machine and had to take out the two philips screws more times than I would like)
- I suggest that you don’t screw the unit back together until your sure that your new drive is functional

When you power the machine back up, you should hit F10 to look at the ROM (BIOS) setup to make sure your drive has been recognized.

After installing the drive, I loaded Windows XP Home on to the mini-note, and I’m so happy I did after my experiencing with SUSE!


HP2133 Mini-note

The mini-note after carefully lifting up the keyboard

HP2133 Mini-note drive enclosure

The drive enclosure inside the mini-note

HP2133 Mini-note drive removed

The mini-note drive bay, with the drive enclosure removed
HP2133 Mini-note drive comparison

The original 4gig SSD drive (left) and the Western Digital 120gig SATA drive (right)

HP2133 mini-note 4gig SSD

Close up of the 4gig SSD that comes with the mini-note

Preparing for Windows XP installation

Frankly, I’ve been very disappointed with the default SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Edition 10 running on the mini-note. I still have not got wireless networking to work and even with upgrading the mini-note to 2 gigabytes of RAM, performance is still very sluggish. In preparation for installing Windows XP, I removed the internal 4 gigabyte SSD drive and inserted a Western Digital Scorpio 120 gigabyte drive tonight. I plan to install Windows XP home on the drive and configure it with 2 additional partitions, one for the installation of a working copy of SUSE Enterprise Desktop (assuming HP releases one that works at some point) and the other for a version of Ubuntu.

Windows XP Drivers now available on HP Support Site

It looks like HP is starting to get their act together to support the Mini-note. They have just posted Microsoft Windows XP drivers for most of the hardware in the Mini-note. The drivers can be found at:…