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HP prepares for US launch of the HP Mini 311

HP are preparing for the launch of their next generation laptop products, including the new HP Mini 311, a netbook that will come with the new Nvidia ION LE graphics platform.  On the HP website we now have links to two HP Mini 311 models, the 311-1011TU and the 311-1012TU.  No price is published on the site yet but other mininote blogs are saying that models will start at $399.

Here’s my initial take on the specs published.


  • 11.6″ HP LED Widescreen Display (1366 x 768)
  • 6-Cell Battery
  • HDMI
  • 3 USBs
  • Price - starting at $399


  • No Gigabit NIC, only 10/100
  • No Wireless N, only b/g
  • Heavier than I expected at 1.46 kg (3.2 lbs)

What’s interesting is HP have decided to ship this laptop with Windows XP Home, in advance of the Windows 7 launch (probably with a free upgrade when 7 becomes available).  Both Samsung & Lenovo are waiting until the Windows 7 launch to bring their ION based products to market.

I must admit I’m tempted.

HP mini 311

A successor to my hpmininotepc blog

I’ve not been writing much about my HP mini-note recently. I’m still actively following the netbook market and recently started a new blog, netbookstyle. This blog will give me the opportunity to write about the continuing evolution of the netbook.  Check it out at

The HP 2133 mini note (real) successor arrives

Frankly, I was very disappointed when HP introduced the HP 1000 netbook series. I felt the HP 2133 mini note was a sturdier, more attractive netbook and that HP had decided to forsake many of the features that made the HP 2133 mini note such a great little machine. From today’s posting at Engadget, it looks like HP have built the real successor to the HP2133, the HP2140. Same great keyboard, design and shell, better processor (Intel Atom N270) but a lower resolution screen (1024 x 576). Both Computer Shopper and Laptop Magazine love it. I really hope my mini note accessories (especially the batteries) work with this new machine.

HP 2140 image

Here come the SSD’s for your netbook - 32gb for just $79?

Did you get a measly 3,4 or 8gb SSD with your netbook? I know I did. I immediately switched it out for 120gb SATA hard drive so I could easily run Windows XP, load as many applications as I needed to be productive, and carry my entertainment with me.  However, I felt pangs of regret as my HP mini-note then ran hot and was no longer virtually silent.  Now, OCZ have made high capacity Solid State Drive’s affordable. For a very cheap $79 ($139 before rebate) you could upgrade your notebook to 32gb running this new OCZ drive.  Check out the reviews on before deciding if these drives will work for you.

ocz-32gb-ssd image

Why you should download Google’s new browser, Chrome

Google launched a new platform browser today, Chrome. Chrome is fast and simple. Google have carefully stripped out any browser bloat, built a new Javascript engine (V8) optimized for today’s web browsing experience and open sourced the code. I downloaded and ran it on my hp mini-note and was very impressed with the performance and the simplicity of the interface. On Google Chrome, I was happily browsing with 10 open tabs and no performance degradation. I suggest you give it a try, I think you’ll be impressed.

Alternatively, you could try Internet Explorer 8 Beta, which was made available for download from Microsoft today. I didn’t.

Here’s a few screenshots from the mini-note running Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Thumbnails of your top sites

Google Chrome showing the web site

Interestingly, Microsoft Live Mail didn’t like Chrome and suggested I use another browser.

Microsoft Windows Live email doesnt like Chrome yet

Mini notebook deals on (a favorite site of mine) have put together a list of the different mini notebooks that are available today, or available for pre-order. They include the Asus EEE, HP Mini-note, MSI Wind (pre-order) & Acer Aspire One (pre-order). With the list they have include some basic specifications and a link to where the product can be ordered or the appropriate price grabber page.

Your HP mini-note is in the mail

The official HP web site for ordering the mini note came online about 12:30pm.

It appears that the online order form may have been broken, as I was unable to successfully complete a credit card purchase and had to call HP directly. I ordered two KR922UT#ABA units, with an estimated ship date of 4/15.

Goodbye to the eee pc

EEE PCAfter the runaway success of the Asus eee pc, HP launched their first sub-portable, the HP 2133 mini-note yesterday. At first glance, the mini-note looks to be both stylish & functional, and priced competitively.

In comparison with the Asus eee pc, the mini-note has a larger, higher definition screen (8.9-inch diagonal, 1280 x 768 WXGA vs eee’s 7 inch 800 x 480 resolution), a larger keyboard (stated as 92% the size of a full-sized keyboard) and comes with a choice of either a solid-state flash (4 GB) or traditional SATA hard drive (120GB 5400 or 7200 RPM). HP is also offering a choice of operating system installations ranging from Windows Vista Business (with a windows XP Professional downgrade available) to SuSe Enterprise Desktop 10.

HP’s mini-note is scheduled for shipping next week, although early versions of HP’s web site appeared unsure of their own products specification and dimensions, stating that the mini-note has a 6.9 inch diagonal screen in one specification, and the (correct) 8.9 inch screen in the adobe pdf.

HP had the system originally listed on their government site:

and had a UK version of the site that looked like it was still under development:

PC World has a detailed review of a mini-note, running the Windows Vista Business operating system and priced at $749.,2817,2281667,00.asp

As did Laptop magazine:

I’m looking forward to a detailed review of the eee Linux competitor, priced at a very affordable $499 running SuSE Linux, a VIA C7-M 1-GHz processor, with 512MB of RAM— and their $599 configuration which will come with a 1.2-GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and a Windows operating system (either Vista Basic or XP).